The Dangers of Downloading and Streaming Hollywood Free Movies Online

Even when we think that watching movies online free is a harmless activity, pirating movies could lead to many dangers. Innocent actions like streaming movies online free or downloading movies can end up of your money being taken from your bank account and even webcam spying. So, it is important to know the dangers that come with this activity and how we can avoid them.

With more and more people in the world using this way to watch free movies online, or just any other content like videogames, sports matches, TV shows and so on, there are also more and more dangers. When people get into the sites that allow them to stream movies free or download them, certain ‘pop-ups’ as we call them start appearing and if you click on one of them by mistake, you can be led to a malicious website or installing software that could harm your computer.

From this, we should know that watching movies online free is not a harmless activity, so we should be aware of the dangers we can encounter and the things we can do to avoid them.

How We Get Infected from Watching Free Online Movies

When you enter a website that’s not trusted is almost the same as entering into a place that looks bad at night. Would you enter a bar that looks creepy at night when you’re alone? Or would you buy candies from a store that looks dirty? Would you give your car keys to someone you just met? The same happens in the online world, if you don’t trust on a website, the best thing you can do is to not get in.

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People often think of viruses, but they are only a variant of what we can encounter. Especially if we use other services like an online bank account, there are dangers much more critical than the ones we know.

This is why we should always be aware of what we’re doing, taking care of not entering into a website that doesn’t look good or just trustful is the first step to avoid dangers. There are certain things we can start doing if we want to watch movies online free and at the same time avoid our computer of being hacked, harmed or even robbed.

How Free Hollywood Movies Online are Obtained

There are several ways that free movies online are obtained; however, all of them are always illegal. Meaning that watching movies online free on the internet is not something we should do, even when it is the best and easiest way to do it, that’s why it comes with some dangers.

Movies are normally obtained from original DVDs, Blu-rays or even hacked film studios. However, the main ways people use to obtain these movies free online are the ripped ones from original versions. The same happens with streaming movies, the ripped versions of the originals that are put on a server so people can watch them immediately.

However, streaming movies online have signals, and these can come from many sources. Some of these sources can be dangerous and others are paid ones that are totally secured. Even so, the most common way is to upload them to a free server and make them available for the audience, something that can bring pop-ups and ads to a website, making it dangerous to the users.

How Ads Work in Free Legal Online Movies

In every case, the most common way people make money with free online movies is with ads. These ads can appear as pop-ups and sometimes work as links, making you click on a link and then on another and so on. These are also ads, when you click on them you are making money for the website’s owner.

But of course, there are many other ways to make money, and the most dangerous ones are when they make you install software of dubious sources. This software can come up with malware, putting your computer in danger and also all the accounts and services you use, open a vulnerability, a danger we should avoid.

The Dangers We Can Encounter with Free Streaming Movies

Universal Studios, California – Warned For Dangerous Movie Streaming

The most common dangers we can encounter when we watch movies online free streamings are the adware and the malware. The adware is a malicious software that installs itself on your computer when you click on infected ads. Malware is also the same, but they work more as software, like fake video players.

However, the adware is not dangerous by definition, but it can be the starting point for worse attacks on your computer. A lot of credit card robberies that happen online are because people do not take care when they surf the web, especially when they access in websites of illegal content, like free movies online streaming services.

Both adwares and malwares can steal information from you, like bank account info, personal info, photos, videos, almost everything from your computer. Some of these malicious softwares are even able to access your webcam, letting the hacker to watch whatever it is that’s in front of your computer.

What Can We Do To Avoid These Dangers

When we watch new movies online free it is always important to have a good antivirus installed on our computers. Also, having our operative system fully updated to the latest security measures is pretty important too. This can also be used to any other software installed on our computer, if it is updated, the fewer dangers we can encounter, especially with browsers and firewalls.

Another thing we should avoid is pirating, even when we like to watch HD movies online free, pirating is the main way we can face dangers, especially from softwares. However, the main thing we can do to avoid these dangers is to have common sense above everything. It’s really easy to avoid being infected with a malware if we use our PC appropriately.

Always avoid installing weird software, watching strange ads, entering distrustful websites, using pirating software and always taking care of our computer with a good antivirus, firewall, and updated system.

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  1. I downloaded once a movie via torrent… As a Psychiatrist i keep a lot of docs that I arrange my work and clients. It really messed up my computer and encrypted it!
    I really recommend if someone wants to watch movies then do it the right way – you pay – !

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